City hosting community engagement survey until May 1, 2024

In March of 2023 the City of Breckenridge conducted a citizen survey in order to get feedback to develop a Strategic Plan that would define a vision, mission, core values, and a list of goals and objectives for the City. Accomplishments since then include the development of a Street Improvement Plan, street improvements, water/sewer improvements, Park Improvements including a new playground, Foundation Park improvements, increased employee pay, new/improved website, increased communication via website, social media and other digital platforms. All of which are in alignment with the goals developed from community input:
  1. Invest in Infrastructure
  2. Invest in Employees
  3. Invest in beautifying Breckenridge
  4. Promote economic development, tourism, and Breckenridge as a destination
  5. Promote transparency and communication
Please help us by providing your feedback on how we are doing and what is important to you!

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