Strategic Plan

COB Mission - Final COB Vision - Final


The City of Breckenridge began a Strategic Planning initiative in the Fall of 2022 and completed the Strategic Plan in the Summer of 2023. The full document is available here. The purpose of the initiative was to involve the community in developing cohesive plan discovering where we, as a city, have been, where we are, where we want to go and prioritize corresponding action items and funding.

Staff started the process, developing draft Vision, Mission and Core Value statement. These were then taken to the Mayor/Commissioner and Community Leaders, including Stephens County, the Breckenridge Independent School District, Chamber of Commerce, Breckenridge Economic Development Corporation, Breckenridge Downtown Development Council, Appraisal District and Stephens Memorial Hospital. This group finalized the Vision, Mission and Core Values.

The next step was to go the the citizens of the community to get their perspective and input. We held a Community Strategic Planning session and also conducted a survey through Survey Monkey. We took their feedback back the the Mayor/Commissioners and Community Leaders and develop several broad Goals. Staff developed and will present corresponding objectives under each of the broad goals and  to the Mayor/Commissioners in their June 6, 2023 meeting for final approval. 

This Strategic Plan will guide staff in serving the citizens of Breckenridge in alignment with Mayor/Commissioner's vision and will also serve as a guide during our FY 2023-2024 Budget Process. 

Our goal going forward will be to review the Strategic Plan, action items, evaluate and update on an annual basis going forward. 
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