Establishing Service

To establish water, sewer and garbage service you will need to fill out
a brief application and pay a security deposit.

Service can be established:
In person

The application process requires:

1. A Driver's License for you and your spouse (if married).
2. Date of birth for you and your spouse (if married).
3. Place of employment: Name of company, address, and phone number.
4. Your phone number, email address (if applicable)
5. Specify address & beginning date for service.
6. Number of Poly Carts needed for trash service (allowed up to 3).
7.  Proof of ownership or Rental/Lease agreement.

The following three documents should be filled out and submitted to the Utility Billing Office: 
Utility Application 
Service Agreement
Confidentiality Request Form

Required Security Deposit:

Minimum Deposit for customers in good standing $235.00 + $25.00 connect fee.

Customers with two or more disconnects within a 12-month period $440.00 + $25 connect fee.
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