Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do my dogs have to be spayed/neutered?
Yes, If you live inside the city limits of Breckenridge then all dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed/neutered. If the dog is under the age of 6 months, the dog must be spayed/neutered when it becomes of age. 

Q. How can I apopt a dog?
Visit adoptapet to view the dogs currently available for adoption. Once you have found a dog you would like to adopt you will need to call the police department to set up an appointment to meet the dog. If you decide to adopt the dog you will need to sign a contract with the animal control officer.  on 

Q. What should I do if I see a stray dog?
Call the Police Department's non emergency line and report the dog.  You can also post the dog on Facebook to see if the owner responds. We understand that your first inclination would be to capture the animal, but that is not always the best answer. Sometimes capturing a stray animal may do more harm than good. Do not feed, water, or pet the dog. Never allow a stray dog in your house, in your car, or in your fence, especially when children or other animals are present. You do not know the current vaccination status. Scratches or bites could result in unforeseen medical consequences for you and your family. 

Q. How do I register my dog with the city?
You will need to bring proof of rabies vaccination and proof of spay/neuter paperwork to the Breckenridge Police Department. An animal control officer will then register your pet with the city and provide you a dog tag. Each dog tag has a unique identification number on it that is logged into the police system. If a dog is running loose, Animal control officers can use the number on the tag 24/7 to look up owner information. 

Q. What do I do If I see a dead animal?
If you see a dead animal you should contact the non emergency police line and notify the dispatcher of the location. Animal control officers will then remove the animal. 

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