Code Compliance & Breckenridge Reclamation

About Code Compliance

To make sure our community is safe and comfortable for all residents, the City Commission adopts ordinances that apply to everyone.  The Code Compliance department’s task is to enforce these ordinances and to bring the beautiful & quaint face of Breckenridge back to its former glory.  To be a place that everyone can be proud of and want to come visit and be a great place to call home.

Code Compliance & Building Inspection Oversees:

ICC Codes

Current City Code Ordinance

Current Fee Schedule

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Application for Board of Adjustments

Application for Building Permit

Application for Certificate of Occupancy

Application for Resident Vendor’s License

Application for Gaming Machine Permit

Application for Itinerate Vendor’s License

Application for Planning and Zoning

Specific Refuse Permit

Application for Food Truck Vendor

Breckenridge Reclamation

Phase 1  |  Junk Vehicles

Phase 2  |  Brush, Trash & Debris Clean-up

Phase 3  |  Substandard Structures – Monofill