City Secretary


Heather Robertson-Caraway,
City Secretary

Heather’s extensive experience and background includes banking, mortgage processing, construction, office administration, accounting, payroll, legal research, and document preparation. Additionally, she has received training and certificates in: Public Information Act, Open Meetings Act, Public Funds Investment Act, Payroll Law & Human Resources , Economic Development Sales Tax, TxLTAP – Local Government Project Procedures Qualification , FACT Clearinghouse House , TWDB – Water Loss Audit & Leak Detection, TCEQ – Tier II Reporting, TxDPS – Crime Records Service – Account Management , Code Red , National Weather Service – Spotter Training and IDEA/Child Welfare.

She is an active member of the following organizations: Texas Municipal Clerks Association (TMCA - Clerks) – Bluebonnet Chapter, International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC), Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program (TMCCP), Texas Municipal Courts Association (TMCA – Courts), Texas Municipal Courts Education Center (TMCEC), Texas City Management Association (TCMA) and Government Finance Officers Association of Texas (GFOAT)

History of the Position - City Secretary

The City Secretary is one of the oldest public servant roles in local government.  The position has had many different titles, existed in Biblical times as the "Keeper of the Archives", and before writing came into use, as "Remembrancer" because their memory served as the public record.  In ancient Greece, each meeting of the governing body began with the City Secretary reading aloud the documents to be considered, and pronouncing a curse on anyone who would seek to deceive the people.  The eminent political scientist, Professor William Bennett Munro, wrote in one of the first textbooks on municipal administration: “No other office in municipal service has so many contacts. It serves the mayor, the city council, the city manager, and all administrative departments, without exception.  All of them call upon it, almost daily, for some service or information.  Its work is not spectacular, but it demands versatility, alertness, accuracy, and no end of patience.  The public does not realize how many loose ends of city administration this office pulls together.”

The City Secretary maintains all of the official records and files of the City; serves as the Election Officer for all City Elections; attends all City Commission meetings and keeps accurate records of all actions taken by the Commission. The City Secretary also attests all official documents of the City, i.e., Ordinances and Resolutions and administers oaths that are required by law. The City Secretary also serves as the Finance Officer (FO) and the Public Information Officer (PIO).