Animal Welfare

Breckenridge Animal Facility
601 North Dubois
Breckenridge, TX 76424

Posted Notices

Animal Ordinance

By appointment only.

Please call the Breckenridge Police Department at 254-559-2211.

We are non-profit and always accept donations: food, blankets, treats, money, etc..

We do offer traps that we will set up and maintain, however, they are limited.

City tags are $10.00. You will need to bring the animals current rabies certificate.

An owner reclaiming an impounded animal shall pay the following fees for an impounded dog, cat, or fowl:
1. Pound fee: $15.00 per animal.
2. Board fee: $10.00 per twenty-four-hour period or part thereof.
3. Impounded dog without city licenses: $25.00.
4. The cost of any vaccinations or veterinary care provided.

If your dog has been impounded, please pick up the forms from us and then pay your fines and fees at the municipal court. Be sure to bring the receipt back in order to pick up your animal.

After 5 business days, all animals are up for adoption.